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Shoreside Activities & Events in Georgia & South Carolina

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Bonaventure Cemetery

This alluringly gothic, large and posthumously ornate cemetery is located on the site of an old plantation, near Thunderbolt.

Boone Hall Plantation

In nearby Mt.Pleasant - only 8 miles from Charleston - sitting beyond a tree lined avenue, lies Boone Hall.

Charleston Aquarium

With over 6000 animals from all environments, this aquarium is open all year round.

Charleston Farmers Market

Opening in April for the season, the nationally acclaimed Charleston Farmers Market is ranked in the nations top 10 best farmers markets.

Fort Pulaski National Monument & Cockspur Island

After the War of 1812, an ambitious national defence programme was instigated to ensure protection of the coastline from foreign invasion.

Fort Sumter Tours

A great sight when entering the harbor and touted by some as where the Civil War began, Fort Sumter was held under siege by the South for two years until February 17 1865.

Harbour Town Lighthouse Museum

Located at 149 Lighthouse Rd - right in the heart of the marina complex - the 149 steps it takes to get to the top will offer you the best view on the whole island!

Hilton Head Island Shopping

Whilst one-off boutiques and gift shops are in abundance on Hilton Head, along with recently remodeled malls, head towards Bluffton on HWY278 to find some of the larger stores that generally interest yacht crew for provisioning and supplies (Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Target).

Lawton (Antebellum) Cemetery

Dating back to the early 1800’s, in a double garaged sized plot divided by several tall trees and shadowed by the residential homes of the Sea Pines Plantation, you will bear witness to the final resting place of a small group of African Americans.

Oatland Island Wildlife Center

In the 18th century, the area on which the center now stands was once nothing but cotton farmland.

Old Fort Jackson

Originally built in 1808 and named after the Revolutionary War officer and Georgia Governor James Jackson, the Fort rose to provenance during the Civil War as the headquarters for Savannah’s river defense.

Patriot’s Point Naval & Maritime Museum

Located at 40 Patriots Point, Mount Pleasant, just next door to the Patriot’s Point Golf Course, this is a very informative and nostalgic maritime center which features the Carrier USS ‘Yorktown’, the Submarine USS ‘Clagamore’, the USS ‘Laffey’ and the USCG vessel ‘Ingham’.

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

This little known “secret” is a great afternoon’s getaway.

Sea Pines Forest Preserve

This forest preserve is located on the Sea Pines estate, and offers crewmembers, owners and guests alike, an interesting and healthy natural diversion with walking trails cutting their way through the forest estate and wetlands.

Visitor Center - Charleston