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Shoreside Activities & Events in Martinique

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Habitation Clement – Le Francois

The beautiful historic plantation house of Habitation Clément is located close to Le Francois on Martinique’s beautiful east coast. Sympathetically restored, the house, grounds and highly productive rum factory offer an insight into four different ‘worlds’ unique to Martinique: The Creole World, The Botanical World, the Industrial World, and the World of Rum – to provide fascinating shoreside attractions to suit all ages and interests.

Acro Kart Racing

A fun activity option for the ‘young’ and ‘not so young’ crewmembers, owners and guests!

Alize Fun

For Kitesurfing and Windsurfing lessons and gear rental.

BBQ Donuts Boat

A seriously fun way to spend the day in the Bay of Marin!

Cultura Bam Museum

The Memorial of the 1902 Catastrophe | Frank A.

Distillerie Depaz – St Pierre

One of the oldest rum plantations on the island set on the lower slopes of Mt.

Electric Boat Rentals

Electric barbecue boat rental makes for a great environmentally friendly excursion.

Fondation Clement

One of the foremost galleries of Modern Art in the Caribbean, Fondation Clément also boasts an important library of historical Caribbean documents.

Grand Riviere

Going up the river starting at the entrance of Grand Riviere village, at the north east end of the island, is a delightful experience.

Hiking & Canyoning - Martinique

Martinique makes a wonderful place to enjoy some walks ashore, and offers lots of well marked paths along the coast, through the rain forest, and on the mountain / rivers.

La Favorite Distillery

One of the oldest distilleries still working in Martinique, with every stage in the making of this exceptional rum, from the cutting of the cane to the final bottling.

La Maison d’Hotes de L'Ilet Oscar

La Maison d’Hotes de L'Ilet Oscar is a highly-recommended guest house styled hotel on a private island located in the calm waters inside the reef on the beautiful Windward side of Martinique.

La Pagerie Museum

The birthplace of the Empress Josephine - a fascinating museum - well worth a visit.

La Village de la Poterie

An art lover’s haven, where artisans of all arts and crafts exhibit and sell their artwork.

Le Jardin Botanique du Carbet

Close to St. Pierre, this botanical garden and small zoo is well worth a visit when visiting the northern part of the island.