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Fondation Clement – Habitation Clement

One of the foremost galleries of Modern Art in the Caribbean, Fondation Clément also boasts an important library of historical Caribbean documents. As a corporate foundation of GBH, the Fondation Clément conducts philanthropic activities for the arts and cultural heritage in the Caribbean. Dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art in the Caribbean through the organization of exhibitions at the impressive Fondation Clement Centre at Habitation Clément, the foundation supports contemporary art by hosting ‘catalogued’ exhibitions in the modern and functional gallery spread over three rooms in a 600m² exhibition area which is entirely dedicated to contemporary creation.

Fondation Clément also manages important documentary collections, bringing together private archives into a library featuring the history of the Caribbean and other iconographic collections, whilst also contributing to the protection of the Creole heritage through the enhancement of traditional architecture.

Every year a new season of free public and open school exhibitions are organized, with catalogues published to accompany each of these events. This support for artistic creation also involves the regular acquisition of works of art related to the Caribbean – which to date constitutes a regularly exhibited collection.

As one of the highlights of any island tour – a feast of contemporary art alongside the magic of visiting the historic Habitation Clément distillery – this is an experience for superyacht owners and guests not to miss when visiting Martinique!

Fondation Clément is open daily 0900 to 1830 hrs, 365 days of the year.

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Domaine de l'acajou, Le François


T: +596 596547551


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