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Shoreside Activities & Events in Turkey

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Alacati Windsurf - Turkey

Internationally recognised as one the world’s best spots for windsurfing & kiteboarding, Alacati hosts international competitions every year.

Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology

This is an extremely interesting museum, with fascinating exhibits and reconstructions.

Castle of St. Peter - Bodrum

This castle is a remarkable journey through the past.

Historical & archaeological sites

Modern Turkey offers some of the best historical and archaeological sites available in the world.

Institute of Nautical Archaeology - INA Bodrum Research Center

This museum is a fantastic visit, housing a large collection of artefacts that have been retrieved from the bottom of the sea, where they had sunk hundreds, or thousands of years ago.

Kite Surfing - Gokova Bay, Turkey

World-renown as a great kiteboarding location - attracts hundreds of sportsmen every year.

Lake Bafa National Park

The Bafa Lake, or Latmus as it was named in antiquity, used to be a gulf of the Aegean Sea until the Classical period.

Paragliding - Turkey

The high mountains along the Mediterranean coast offer excellent paragliding conditions from April til November.

Pedasa Antique City

This ancient site is high up in the hills of Bodrum and best accessed by taxi.

Skiing & Snowboarding - Turkey

Although most of us think of Turkey in terms of summer holidays, there is some fantastic skiing and snowboard to be done in this country.

Spas & Thermal baths

Due to its geological and volcanic nature, there are numerous Spas & Thermal Springs along the Aegean coast with varying facilities, from rudimentary open air thermal springs to luxurious Spa hotels.

Windmills of Bodrum

A lovely place to take in the panorama of Bodrum Peninsula and take some photos of the countryside.