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Shoreside Activities & Events in Savannah

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Bonaventure Cemetery

This alluringly gothic, large and posthumously ornate cemetery is located on the site of an old plantation, near Thunderbolt.

Fort Pulaski National Monument & Cockspur Island

After the War of 1812, an ambitious national defence programme was instigated to ensure protection of the coastline from foreign invasion.

Oatland Island Wildlife Center

In the 18th century, the area on which the center now stands was once nothing but cotton farmland.

Old Fort Jackson

Originally built in 1808 and named after the Revolutionary War officer and Georgia Governor James Jackson, the Fort rose to provenance during the Civil War as the headquarters for Savannah’s river defense.

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

This little known “secret” is a great afternoon’s getaway.

Wormsloe Historic Site

Located amongst 822 acres of wooded areas and marshland, this is the only standing architectural remnant of early day Savannah sitting within the walls of Georgia’s oldest plantation.