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Shoreside Activities & Events in Norfolk & Portsmouth

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Commodore Theatre

The walls of the theatre and lobby are adorned with wonderful 20-40ft ornate murals with opulent chandeliers made from Italian leaded crystal; the seating in the main floor dining area is arranged around individual tables.

Concerts on the Water

The “nTelos Pavilion” host outdoor concerts throughout the summer months.

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum

Coupled with the lightship museum, an exceptional collection of over 250 years of naval history.

The USS Wisconsin

Permanently moored up alongside the Nauticus National Maritime Center in the Norfolk ‘Downtown’ district, the Battleship Wisconsin is a ‘must see’ attraction to add to any shoreside itinerary.

The Waterside Festival Marketplace

Located at 333 Waterside Drive, on the Norfolk side of the river adjacent to the Waterside Marina, this complex consists of numerous shops, cafés, bars, restaurants and nightspots and is a fun and convenient destination for an impromptu crew night out when the boat is docked at the Waterside marina.