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The USS Wisconsin

Permanently moored up alongside the Nauticus National Maritime Center in the Norfolk ‘Downtown’ district, the Battleship Wisconsin is a ‘must see’ attraction to add to any shoreside itinerary. At 887.2ft LOA, the ‘Iowa Class’ ship is dramatically striking when viewing her bow sections leading aft at close quarters from any dockside vantage point. The USS Wisconsin was originally launched in 1943 and since then has seen active service in WWII in the 1940’s, the North Korean War in the 1950’s and the Kuwait Gulf Crisis with Iraq in 1990. She has weathered two typhoons / hurricanes at sea whilst in the Pacific, has been briefly aground in New York Harbor and has experienced a significant collision at sea off the Virginia Capes which removed a large portion of her bow section.

In 1990, when she was 47 years of age, she showed her enduring caliber by steaming a total of 46,000 miles round trip to engage in active service in the Gulf Crisis and in doing so then had the unfortunate distinction of dropping over a million pounds of ordnance over enemy lines during the conflict. Throughout her life as one of the US Navy’s last Iowa Class ‘fast battleships,’ Wisconsin has proved to be a very seaworthy and proud ship that has weathered some atrocious conditions at sea and has been an icon of strength and security for the USA and her allies. Self-guided tours of her main deck are available and further exhibits and history is available inside the Nauticus Maritime Center.

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