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Shoreside Activities & Events in Union Island

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Erika’s Yacht Agents - Union Island

From their Headquarters base at the Bougainvilla Marina and Hotel complex in Clifton, Union Island, highly recommended Erika’s Yacht Agents offers extended shore support throughout the region, with networked shoreside agents at every port in the Grenadines.

JT Pro Centre - Kite School

Founded by professional kite-surfer Jeremie Tronet, the Kite School focuses on all levels of kite-surfing experience with lessons for beginners and clinics for advanced wave riders.

Beach BBQ’s in Chatham Bay

It's always a great charter experience for guests to enjoy a BBQ event at Chatham Bay, with fire and torches lit on the beach for evening dinner around a large table.

Boll Head Bar & Restaurant

Boll Head runs a great beach BBQ set-up at Chatham Bay.

Sun, Beach & Eat – Seckie and Vanessa

Seckie and Vanessa run one of the best Beach Barbeque set ups available in Chatham Bay.