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Shoreside Activities & Events in Tobago

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Argyle Waterfalls

Located just outside the village of Roxborough on the Scarborough Road.

Being with Horses

Based in Buccoo, Being with Horses is the only place in Tobago offering horse riding.

Fort King George & The Tobago Museum

The main fort in Tobago is located on the hill overlooking Scarborough.

Green Hill Waterfall

This waterfall, southwest of the way up to Hillsborough Dam, comes recommended as a pretty stop to make on an island tour.

Little Tobago

This offshore island is home to one of the most important bird sanctuaries in the Caribbean.

Mot Mot Trail

This Trail comes recommended as being "a fabulous hike" - from Arnos Vale Hotel across to Culloden Bay (Footprints Eco Resort) - along the Mot Mot Trail which was used during the 1700’s to transport sugar.

Pigeon Point Heritage Park

This picturesque government-run park boasts white sandy beaches, bars and shops.

Save Our Sea Turtles Tobago

Leatherbacks return to Tobago between April and July.

Tobago Cocoa Estate

From the 1860s to the early 1920s, Trinidad and Tobago was one of the biggest producers of cocoa in the world.

Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve

One of the world's oldest legally protected forest reserves, established on April 13th, 1776, Tobago Main Ridge was geared specifically towards a conservation purpose.