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Nautilus International

Nautilus is the specialist union and professional organisation for maritime professionals, a must for seafarers and yacht crew.

Pure Grenada...The Spice of the Caribbean

In recent years, Grenada’s reputation as a preferred Caribbean destination for yachting enthusiasts seeking safe anchorages has been on an upward progression.

Banana Travel & Tours - Penang

Visa service, based in Georgetown.

British Consulate - Marseille


Buses are regular and very low cost all along this coast.


Buses are regular and low cost in Monaco.

Consulates - Nice

Consulate contacts in Nice, France.

General Information

For all visitors to Russia, a visa is required.

General Information & Consulates

There are 128 embassies and consulates in Thailand, most are in Bangkok with just Honorary representation locally.

German Consulate

Getting Around

Malta has a population of 440,000 with 330,000 registered cars on this small island so getting around by car can be a bit of a nightmare, especially in the rush hour!

Getting Around

Be warned - Driving in Genoa is difficult as the road system is challenging to say the least!

Getting Around

The public transport system is extensive and very cheap – with buses and a metro.

Getting Around

As with anywhere on this coast, car travel is difficult due to volume of traffic, one way systems and lack of available parking.Public transport in Nice is very good.

Great Bay Express

For daily return services between Philipsburg & Gustavia, St Barth’s.