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Ao Chalong Animal Hospital

In the South of Phuket these guys have fairly modern facilities and come recommended.

Chief Veterinary Officer - Dr. Edwards


Clinique Vétérinaire des Clausonnes

They came rated as being a useful and competent contact for any owners or guests who have pets onboard.

Dr. Fiona Francis - The Ark Veterinary Clinic

Experienced Dr.

Loch 11 Animal Clinic

A highly recommended, Edinburgh University trained vet, specializing in small animals.

Pet Style and Resort (Dog Grooming)

For top quality dog grooming contact Lilian.

Rungwattana Animal Hospital

Ek is a lovely lady who runs a good vet’s service in Klok Kloi, just 20 minutes from N.Phuket.

Shell Sutton & Kadeen Tyson

A dog grooming service in St. Kitts and Nevis offered by Shell Sutton & Kadeen Tyson.

Soi Dogs

A great charity primarily for dog and cat rescue, with onsite vets.

St. Maarten Veterinary Clinic

This clinic welcomes all pets – visiting and residential alike!

Veterinary Import License

To bring your dog and / or cat into Antigua, you must apply for a Veterinary Import License from the Veterinary & Livestock Division.

Wesley’s Pet Taxi Service

Wesley came highly recommended as a Taxi Service to carry your pet to the Vet or wherever needed.