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AMFU / Tahiti Yacht Agents 

Serving the maritime industry in Tahiti for the past 50 years, AMFU / Tahiti Yacht Agents focuses on giving their clients the very best 24/7 service, through their wealth of local knowledge and contacts.

AYSS - The Association of Yacht Support Services

AYSS provide a global community of like-minded, professional yacht agents.

About Fiji

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Fiji is a fascinating blend of cultures and colour that has something to offer all yachts & visitors.

About French Polynesia

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The extensive archipelago of islands that make up French Polynesia, consists of literally hundreds of ‘picture postcard perfect’ tropical island paradises.

About Niue

As one of the world’s smallest self-governing states, with a population of less than 1500, it is a peaceful calm island, with proud traditions, enjoying dual citizenship with New Zealand.

About Palau

The beauty of Palau lies in its pristine water and islands: untouched, uninhabited and unaffected by man. Recommended for some of the best diving in the world, and wonders of nature - in their purest form.

About Samoa

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We heard how Samoa is well worth a visit for yachts cruising through the northern or southern Cook Islands heading towards Fiji or Tonga.

About Solomon Islands

The beautiful Solomon Islands consist of 6 major islands and over 600 smaller ones, lying to the East of Papua New Guinea.

About Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea

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The first large port of call for many yachts transiting the South Pacific, is the beautiful Tahiti and her islands. Highly recommended as a prime yachting destination in the South Pacific, with excellent services.

About The Galapagos Islands

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The Galápagos Islands are located in the Pacific Ocean, approx.