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Mega Yacht Provisions

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World-class quality and service tailored to superyachts

Mega Yacht Provisions is a premier superyacht provisioning company headquartered in Panama City to serve all corners of the Panama Canal. Mega Yacht Provisions also caters to the Pacific from their newest facilities in Honolulu, Hawaii. Their team is readily available to support superyachts navigating in both Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and promises to deliver world-class quality and service tailored to the needs of superyachts. Mega Yacht Provisions works exclusively with premium suppliers to source the highest-quality local and imported ingredients.

They provide gourmet and specialty:

  • Custom portioned, packed and labelled meats and seafoods 
  • Dairy products and fine cheeses
  • Fresh produce, specialty microgreens, and herbs
  • Beers, wine, and spirits
  • Dry stores and pantry items
  • Interior supplies (toiletries, spa products, paper goods, and more) 

We have received several strong recommendations for Mega Yacht Provisions for providing “excellent produce, meats, seafood and dry goods.” In addition, their efficient team requires only 48-hour lead time for last minute orders. Mega Yacht Provisions delivers by land, air, and sea to ensure your needs are met whether you are at anchor or at the dock. Their team hand selects and packs each item to ensure absolute perfection in every order. 

The company is run by Jonathan Burillo, who previously worked as a chef and has 12+ years experience in logistics and the import and export of goods in Panama. Mega Yacht Provisions was founded in 2020, and Jonathan prides the company on balancing a personalized service with the highest-quality products and competitive pricing. They cater to all budgets, order sizes, and requirements.

As well as being expert provisioners, the team at Mega Yacht Provisions are also documentation specialists with vast knowledge on international freight, taxes, documentation, and customs clearances – an important aspect of provisioning in both Panama and the Pacific.

Please contact Mega Yacht Provisions via email, phone or WhatsApp for enquiries.

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Mega Yacht Provisions
C. Evelio Lara
Panama City

: +507 6820-6401

: 507 6820-6401

: [email protected]

Honolulu, Hawaai

United States (US)

: +1 808 214 0970

: 1 808 214 0970

: [email protected]


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“Excellent produce, meats, seafood and dry goods”

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  • Premier Yacht Provisioner of the Pacific

    Megayacht Provisions Hawaii is the only source for yacht provisions in Honolulu. Everything is custom portioned, packed, and labeled. Their produce quality is some of the best I have seen in the USA— keeps very well and tastes delicious! Their delivery was seamless and prices super reasonable for Hawaii.

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