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Carrefour - Genipa

Located 20 mins drive from Le Marin, the Carrefour Hypermarket at Genipa offers great shopping all under one roof – provisioning, clothing, household items, wines, electricals and more.

Carrefour - La Ciotat

The Carrefour supermarket in La Ciotat popular for everyday needs amongst crew.

Carrefour - Market - Martinique

This supermarket offers excellent provisioning of all basic goods, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Carrefour Antibes

Central Antibes supermarket which is a 5 minute walk from Port Vauban.

Carrefour Hypermarché - Nice

This very busy shop is located at the TNL Centre Commercial.

Carrefour Market

There are large branches of Carrefour at La Linea (Gibraltar border) Estepona and Fuengirola suitable for major provisioning.

Carrefour Millenis

A ’crew friendly’ Carrefour Hypermarket, 15 mins drive from the marina.

Carrefour Supermarkets - Corsica

The well known chain of Supermarkets has various outlets in Corsica, varying in size.

Casa Cuadras

This store offers a selection of fine wines, quality charcuterie and gourmet products.


This smaller version of Casino offers high-quality products and is just a short walk to the port.

Casino Supermarket - Deshaies

Within walking distance of the dinghy dock with a good range of stock for basic provisioning.

Casino Supermarkets - Corsica

With various Casino Supermarkets recommended in Corsica, particular Propriano, Calvi and Port Vecchio.

Central Festival

On the bypass Road, the lower level has a decent selection of kitchen/galley appliances and hardware.

Chain Supermarket’

Four state of the art supermarket outlets in Malta, offering high quality and excellent produce, with fresh and dry goods/ Deli and butchers counters.

Chilli Bites

This company are based in the Sta.