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Superyacht Services in San Diego

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About Pacific Central Coast – California & Hawaii

Whilst California is comprised of nearly every landscape imaginable it is the sun drenched beaches and its dramatic coastline that has made the most populous state in the nation, affectionately known as the “Golden State”.

Sea Mercy

The Sea Mercy program is about providing much needed health care services (medical, dental and eye), disaster response & recovery, education and economic development programs to the remote islands in the South Pacific.

Seabreeze Books and Charts

This wonderful book, chart & 'nautical treasure trove' shop, Seabreeze in San Diego, came well recommended for its fine assortment of marine art, nautical books, charts and license study publications..Ann Kinner, an experienced mariner in her own right, can help you with whatever you might need.

C2C Inc

C2C is recognized by the industry as the West Coast Experts regarding Superyacht operational issues and support. Highly recommended.

Doyle Sails San Diego

Doyle Sails San Diego is a full-service loft specializing in both racing and cruising sails.

North Sails - San Diego

This extensive North Sails loft is also home to their ‘One Design’ team.

Aquarius Yacht Services Inc

Aquarius Yacht Services offers specialized diving services for yachts.

Aussie Yacht Services

Ex professional Class IV Captain, Graham Rutherford can assist Captains and crew with refits, yacht management, any yacht services requests or provisioning needs.

Charles Dorsch Ships Agent, Inc.

As Ships Agents, Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders, this company can also provide General Order or Bonded Warehouse Services.

Chingon Custom Metal Fabrication, Inc

Chingon exceed customer expectations in quality and service in their full service metal fabrications workshop., with a mobile truck service also in the San Diego area.