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Seabreeze Books and Charts

Looks can be deceiving... when one approaches Seabreeze Books and Charts, one may think you would be entering a Nautical gift store, with its fine assortment of Marine Art, nautical books and décor… well, you are… however, when one takes a closer look and enters ‘the back room’ get ready to spend some time there! Seabreeze guarantees that there is something inside this nautical treasure trove for every aspiring Captain or crewmember!

Capt. Ann at the helm, is an experienced mariner in her own right and really knows what’s going on. She can guide you through the myriad of books, charts, periodicals, official publications and regional cruising guides. 

If you are heading south to Mexico and Central America,  or North to Alaska… Ann can help you pick and choose just what you need for the trip.  Charts from the British, French, Canadian, and Mexican hydrographic services as well as NOAA, professional references like Bridge Resource Management, First Aid and Safety and a choice of navigation tools and publications are all there in one place. Least we forget the books and license study guides necessary to improve ones interests in Maritime Law, career choices or any other endorsements… this store can help you do that and get some good gifts to give to friends and family along the way.

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