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Doyle Sails New Zealand

Leading the fleet in the design and manufacture of quality and high-performance sails, it is no coincidence that Doyle sails are aboard many of the world’s most spectacular Superyachts.

North Sails Super Yacht Service

North Sails New Zealand have an extensive network of lofts throughout New Zealand, in the Bay of Islands, Auckland, Wellington, Picton, (and an agent in Tauranga) manned by some of the most successful and experienced designers and sailmakers of any sail loft in New Zealand!

UK Sailmakers – Northland Canvas

With the combined world-wide experience and technology at UK Sailmakers, this company can provide the most advanced sail designs, construction, cloth selection and hardware for the durability and handling of your boat.

Calibre Sails

From his 3,400 sq.ft.

North Sails

Roger has been running the North Sails Opua loft for many years and can handle all Superyacht sail requirements either on site or through the main Auckland loft.