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About Australia

Australia is the largest country in Oceania, with a population of 25 million, largely concentrated on the Eastern Seaboard.

About New South Wales

The State of New South Wales covers a vast area from Byron Bay in the North, famous for its beaches, surf and subsequent lifestyle to the miles of pristine beaches, coves and bays in the South, including Eden.

About Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is vast, extending from the centre of Australia's map, near Uluru and the town of Alice Springs, to the coastal capital city of Darwin and its neighbouring islands.

About Southern Queensland

The capital of Queensland is a wonderful place to spend time, is a very manageable city and for those living on yachts, it does not overwhelm, in fact, Brisbane welcomes.

About Tasmania

The Southern Island State of Australia, Tasmania or “Tassie”, is renowned for its wilderness, wildlife, farming, wineries and UNESCO heritage sites of the penal settlements.

About Tropical Northern Queensland

This incredible part of the planet boasts it all from secluded beaches and hideaway resorts, to the vibrant lifestyle of Cairns, the beauty of The Great Barrier Reef to adventure travel and experiences that dreams are made of.

About Victoria

Melbourne is the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria and was recently voted one of the “World’s Most Livable Cities”.

About Western Australia

Western Australia, covering the entire western third of the country, has a coastline of 12.900 km (and 20.800 km including islands).

Aus Ship Group

HQ based within the Rivergate Marina Precinct.

BSE Maritime Solutions Slipway

BSE Maritime Solutions has multiple docking locations in Brisbane and Cairns.