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Superyacht Services in Haiti

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About Haiti

Haiti is a new and exciting destination for yachting adventurers - located on the western part of Hispaniola and separated from the Dominican Republic by a 224 mile land border to form a very large twin state island (historically known as Hispaniola).

Airlines - Haiti

Connections - Cuba, USA, Canada, Latin America, Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Trinidad.

Darostars Customs Agency

Roger Dazulme at Darostars can help with all Haiti shipments inbound or outbound.

Darostars Customs and Maritime Agency

It is essential to seek logistical and agency support for your yacht when planning an itinerary for a Haiti trip.

Hugo Chavez International Airport (Cap Haitien)

Located to the east of Cap Haitien on the north coast.

InterCaribbean Airways

InterCaribbean Airways is the leading regional airline serving the Caribbean Island chain, with a network stretching from Havana and Nassau in the Bahamas, to Barbados, Trinidad and Guyana in the south.

Toussaint L’Ouverture International Airport (Port Au Prince)

Located to the east of the capital of Port Au Prince on the south west Coast.