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Ken Maguire

Antigua is home to the very talented professional photographer, Ken Maguire. For the last 27 years, Ken has been offering his photography services to yachts based in either Antigua or other regional Caribbean locations. He specializes in location photography (interior and exterior) of Luxury Yachts, Private Villas, Quality Hotels and on the corporate front, Bank Reports and casino advertising. Ken came recommended as being an extremely experienced ‘Pro Photographer’ with a flexible and realistic approach to his exterior and interior shoots. He was also said to be “Really great” working the models on the shoots, whether they be the yacht crews themselves or professional photographic models.

Apart from his more commercial work, Ken also has a keen interest in portrait photography and brings some subtle and interesting elements of his ‘Fine Art’ photographic disciplines to his yacht shoots. He has worked with some of the highest profile yachts in recent years and can be contacted directly.

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