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Titi Rent-a-Car

We received another round of enthusiastic feedback for Titi and his team again last season, with focus on their friendly, personal service, and good range of quality cars. From his office at Temo Sports, Titi has a wide range of cars on his books and continues to add new vehicles each year. For this season, these will include 4x4’s, Suzuki Jeeps, Hyundai H-1, Nissan, comfortable 4 door saloons, Isuzu Max and Ford pick-up trucks and vans (which are very useful for provisioning runs).

Titi’s aim is to always give a very personal service and will happily help out transporting any heavy goods with his truck, or in any other way he can. He also offers a smart Town Car chauffeur service, picking up guests in his Infinity vehicles.

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