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Marine Results

Marine Results is a global operation specialising in yacht rigging and non-destructive surveying. We have received outstanding recommendations for this well known company, headed up by Ed Danby and Jon Morris who together combine enormous experience in Superyachts and the grand prix racing circuit with many years of rig consultancy and management. 

Established as one of the most versatile rigging companies in the world, Marine Results brings service to the yacht wherever it is. Their service teams work on the world’s largest sailing yachts throughout the Mediterranean, the west coast of the USA and New Zealand. The flexibility to work anywhere allows the yacht to have continuity in its rig service programme as it moves around the globe.

Masts and Spars

All aspects of installation, maintenance, survey and rope work for the world’s largest performance and luxury yachts are undertaken. 

Marine Results works with all major mast and rigging suppliers so are able to provide an independent view of the best product for the yacht. 

Running Rigging

All aspects of running rigging are specified and built to the highest standards. 

  • Docklines 
  • Halyards and Sheets
  • Certified tender lift lines 

Survey and Testing

Marine Results is also a leading certified expert in the inspection of composite structures, rigging and components to detect internal flaws and cracks not visible to the naked eye.  The company uses state of the art non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques, including dye penetrant testing and ultrasound carbon mapping.  The Marine Results testing facility boasts equipment developed in the aerospace industry, putting the company in the forefront of technology.

Tel: +44 2380 454666

Ed Danby: +44 7880 678 908

Jon Morris: +44 7887 840 754


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