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Bluewater Books & Charts

This exceptional navigation outfitter continues to receive highly enthusiastic recommendations from Megayacht Captains all over the world, who have been helped by staff in Ft Lauderdale or from their London office. 

Now with over 30 years’ experience serving leisure yachts Bluewater Books & Charts and their Superyacht Bridge Services team in both locations continue to exceed the expectations of their very satisfied customers.

Bluewater is located minutes from the iconic Lester’s diner in Fort Lauderdale and in the middle of the yachting industry. Their 15,000 sq / ft location combines all their U.S. operations including a huge showroom, offices, logistics and on-site customer storage. Conveniently located, easily accessible, and with plenty of parking, this facility provides customers a one of a kind experience for bridge outfitting.

You can find the following and more at Bluewater:

  • Bluewater's Total Bridge Service is the most customized, comprehensive bridge management solution. The service combines Superyacht specialists and their expertise, backed by proprietary software designed to manage the bridge outfit for Superyachts. The service includes monthly or quarterly audits to determine what products are out of date, and provide customized reports on their inventory status and make recommendations for products based on their itinerary. Flag state compliance and safe navigation are the hallmarks of this bespoke service. 
  • Working on a new build project? With a dedicated new build process and countless hours of experience working on the outfit of new yachts, Bluewater Superyacht Bridge Services should be your first call for navigation outfitting. A Superyacht co-ordinator is assigned to each new build, ensuring that from the salon to the bridge to the engine room you have everything you need, when you need it, in a customized solution, on time and on budget.
  • In this age of all things digital, Captains rely now more than ever on Bluewater to provide expert advice on navigational software and electronic charts for any part of the world. You can view and use software from Transas, Nobeltec’s Time Zero Maptech and others in their Ft Lauderdale showroom.
  • Bluewater also supplies electronic charts from the UKHO (AVCS, ARCS, ENCs), Transas, Nobeltec, Navionics, C-Map, MapMedia, Garmin and others. You can purchase new electronic charts or have your existing charts updated. Most required publications are also available in electronic format reducing the need for on-board storage. Bluewater provides on-site and remote software support and installation for a total solution approach.
  • Once again Bluewater has passed their annual ISO 9001 audits in both Ft Lauderdale and London, re-affirming their commitment to delivering the highest level of service for their customers by meeting the very stringent standards required for certification. These locations are now both certified to the new ISO 9001: 2015 standard.
  • For seasonal correction, charts may be brought or shipped to either Bluewater location in Ft Lauderdale or London or stored and returned corrected whenever and wherever needed. Bluewater has chart correctors on staff in both locations, so you can be assured your charts will be corrected and up to date to the latest NTMs.
  • Bluewater is an official agent for the UKHO, NGA, NOS, CHS, Cuban Hydrographic and they print on demand charts for the world from UKHO, NOAA and CHS in both Ft Lauderdale and London. They also carry SHOM (French), Imray and many other government and private charts.
  • Newly added are Mexican official charts for popular destinations including the Yucatan, Ecuadorian official charts for the Galapagos and Chilean official charts for Patagonia.
  • Bluewater now carries in stock a range of medical equipment and partners with UK based Medical Support Off Shore (MSOS) to sell and maintain the MSOS line of MCA compliant medical kits on board yachts. Bluewater and MSOS also now offer MCA certified classroom and onboard medical training, along with Telemedical services for yachts.

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