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Coastal Helicopters

Coastal Helicopters offer custom excursions/ glacier viewing tours and/or transport to many remote locations; in general providing professional and exciting tour opportunities.

Harris Aircraft Service

Offering maintenance & fleet includes two twin-engine IFR Navajos that offers daily service to many destinations, as well as two amphibious float planes.

Heli Pilot Leigh

Leigh is a highly experienced 8000 hour commercial helicopter pilot based in Alaska, available for pilot work onboard yachts.

Juneau International Airport

An airport and seaplane base – located 8 miles northwest of Juneau, a lifeline to the city, as there is no road access.

Ketchikan International Airport

Located on Gravina Island, a 5 mins ferry ride to Ketchikan.

Misty Fjords Air & Outfitting

Ketchikan is Misty Jjords Air base – from where they offer Aircraft Charters, flightseeing/ Tours to Southeast Alaska.

Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport

Lying to the west of Sitka, flights are a crucial transport route in and out of Sitka, with the outside world.

Wings Airways

Wings of Alaska are one of the leading provider of scheduled passenger and cargo air service to small communities in Southeast Alaska.