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Emergency Contacts in Antigua

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Antigua & Barbuda Search And Rescue, ABSAR, is a non-profit organization that provides 24/7 emergency assistance in and around Antigua and Barbuda, offering medical, firefighting & search & rescue services.

CalvinAir Helicopters

Based in Antigua, CalvinAir Helicopters offer aerial tours as well as custom charter experiences, including helicopter support services for yachts, and emergency Medivac.

Dr. Joseph A. John, M.D

Joey’ John’s Medical Surgical Associates is recommended for high standards of emergency care, all diagnostics & testing facilities.MSA have a few hospital beds with 24/7 nursing care.

Hannah Thomas Hospital

For minor injuries and a prescription drug pharmacy facility.

Mt. St. John’s Medical Center

Antigua’s main government hospital, with 185 beds.


Tel (Emergency): 911 
Tel (Nelson's Dockyard): +1 (268) 460 1002 
Tel (St. John's): +1 (268) 462 0125

Woods Urgent Care - Dr.Jason Belizaire

Visit Dr.