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Douglas Yacht Services - DYS

Douglas Yacht Services - DYS - A to Z service Agent

Yacht Services / Concierge Services

The yacht charters can start again from Martinique! Indeed, in 2019 Douglas led and won legislative battles to get the waiver on VAT on charters starting from the French islands for yachts >24m LOA. This enables yachts to return and fully benefit from the advantages of being in “France in the Caribbean” with the industrial support of an economy of 380,000 people. 

DYS has enjoyed a second 30% increase in revenues by increasing its expertise for project management of DUTY FREE technical repairs using the 440T Travel Lift and 170m Float-in / Float-out form, 4G/LTE solutions, Dockage in Le Marin, and Caribbean representation for DYT and Sevenstar Yacht Transport.

Captains’ recommendations this year affirm Douglas Yacht Services as one of the leading yacht service agents in the Caribbean: “A thousand thanks to you and the team, Douglas!!  You have made our 6-day repair stop bearable in paradise for the owner and guests!!!” 

Further praise from other captains cements the high level of services offered: “Your attention to detail, and your prompt response to calls and emails, regardless of the time, made you an invaluable asset. Your whole team always made me feel that we were the only vessel that you were dealing with, and I completely appreciate that level of personal service. My only wish is that all agents were as helpful and professional as you and your team.” 

Douglas, Marie-Eugénie, Hoelenn, Frédérique, Laura and the rest of the extended DYS team look forward to taking care of you in the 2019/2020 season.

DYS - Martinique Dry Docks – Project Management - Flexible and Professional  (FFC)

Boatyard / Shipyard / Haul Out

Delivering miracles again, DYS has enjoyed a second 30% increase in revenues by increasing its expertise and resources for Project Management of duty-free technical repairs. For haul-out, DYS coordinates and puts in place solutions using the 440T Travel Lift and 170m Float-in / Float-out form with his selected team of technical specialists.

One such miracle achieved was for a one week turn-around for a 56-metre yacht, during the New Year holiday period, with a burnt-out electric windlass. This involved taking it apart, diagnosing the cause, making the changes needed to the electric circuits, and getting the electric motor rewired and installed. From the captain: “A thousand thanks to you and the team Douglas!!  You have made our 6-day repair stop bearable in paradise for the owner and guests!!!”

Other major successes achieved include: facilitated a switch-over of systems for one with compliant fuel exhaust control (installed a 20Kw/400v 3 phase system); converted a catamaran from diesel to electric engines – a €250,000 investment (complete electric refit, designing and installing management systems for the Lithium CALB batteries with separate BMS, solar panels, wind generators, diesel generators combined with a Victron converter/charger in parallel); four-week turnover of a newly-purchased 745 Privilege found to be in poor technical condition; and the haul-out and repair of two Sunreef yachts. 

Douglas Docks

Marinas & Moorings

DYS provides a 24/7 response to requests for a berth for yachts up to 50m in the marina or the drydock where demand runs exceptionally high. DYS services includes trained personnel to offer a full-service level to the yachts. Internet demands are supported via 4G/LTE solutions from Axxess-Marine or e3 Systems. Each marina berth includes pumping facilities for grey & black water evacuation.

While distinct berths are reserved in priority for >20m, demand is very high for berths all year round, so as soon as the yacht knows its plans, please contact DYS directly. 

Security is provided by both CCTV, gate entry codes and security guards at night – backed-up by very close cooperation with the gendarmes. 

Top quality European spec fuel is available by high-speed pumps in the marina or by dedicated truck delivery in FDF.

DYS (an A – Z concierge and project management operating since 2007) will handle any request that you may have on the wide range of very competent technical resources – for both emergency repairs and annual maintenance. 

Through DYS, the bay of Le Marin now offers the Sevenstar/DYT yacht transports to and from Europe and the USA. Business went from four to 11 transports in 2018! Douglas has played a major role in Le Marin being recognised internationally as a major all-in-one yachting centre in the Caribbean. Just call DYS!

Douglas Yacht Provisioning

Douglas caters to those who want the best out of the extensive local supply, or out of Rungis and/or Florida. Service includes an in-house refrigerated truck delivery to any anchorage in Martinique, and a dedicated cool room for overnight storage. Professional temporary storage at -20°C or +4°C is also available. 

Working closely with the Chef via telephone even while shopping, the team prides itself in achieving over 95% delivery performance to requests. 

Special orders require a minimum of four days’ notice – preferably eight days, especially within peak demand times. Goods that arrive on the 3+ flights / week from Paris are delivered directly to the yacht on the same day. Freight out of Miami is once per week.

For top of the line wines and international alcohols, extensive local supply is used whenever possible. 

DYT Yacht Transport

As the world’s premier provider of yacht is transport, DYT Yacht Transport is dedicated to the mobility needs of the global yachting community and continually strives to improve the quality of service based on frequent sailings, experience safety and reliability.Recommended to us by captains, DYT Yacht Transport offers an all-inclusive service, cribbing, excellent voyage insurance and basic customs clearance fees are included in the total price. Their goal is to make your yacht shipping experience as smooth and simple as possible, while offering you the service you deserve - Your yacht in the safest hands.Float off serviceWith their unique dedicated yacht carriers that allow yachts to be safely sailed on and off the transport vessels, DYT yacht transport will deliver your yacht within reach of the worlds most popular ports of call. DYT yacht transport offers reliable, frequent schedules and experienced staff to guide you through every step of the process, with top quality service. They’re highly recommended agent in Martinique is Douglas yacht services.

Yacht Transport   

Douglas Yacht Services is the Caribbean agent for DYT and Sevenstar Yacht Transport, offering sailings to and from Martinique, St. Thomas, Antigua and beyond, throughout the Caribbean season. Douglas Yacht Services adds that personal concierge touch by taking care of all your requirements prior to loading. 

In Martinique, pick-up and delivery occur in the middle of the beautiful and calm bay of Le Marin. Since the 2017/18 season, the number of yacht transports has tripled from four to 11 with Douglas Yachts Services receiving numerous accolades for the high quality of services offered to yacht owners, captains and crew. 

Douglas Flowers

Douglas coordinates and assists with all flower orders ensuring that the local florists import or source locally to deliver exactly what each yacht wants.  “Yesterday was a perfect turn around day, the deliveries, the transfers, the flowers, all perfect!!   Thank you very much for all of your help!!”

Vins Sans Frontières

For a superb selection of ‘top of the line’ wines and international alcohol, DYS uses several local suppliers backed up by his international suppliers in France. For the latter, a four-day lead time is required. Just Call DYS!

Axxess-Marine / e3 Systems / General Electrical 

An innovative success last season was converting a catamaran from diesel to electric engines – a €250,000 investment! This involved a complete electric refit, designing and installing management systems for the Lithium CALB batteries with separate BMS, solar panels, wind generators, diesel generators combined with a Victron converter/charger also in parallel. 

Douglas Yacht Services (DYS) installs 4G/LTE systems, and delivers decoders and support for TVRO through Direct TV or Canal Sat. 

Partnered with Axxess-Marine for over four years, DYS offers their products for on-demand 4G/LTE-VSAT bundled packages and TVRO solutions. DYS is also a longstanding partner of e3s.

Douglas Medical Services 

Local medical expertise and resources are at the same high level as found in France. Douglas offers efficient 24/7 medical service for all problems (even over the phone), including Medevac. Bi-lingual translation and handholding care are part of the support/services Douglas offers. 

Crew Uniforms & Embroidery

Top of the line crew uniform brands SLAM, Harvest, Kariban, Henbury and others can be supplied by Douglas. State of the art embroidery, silk-screen printing is also available.

Customs & Immigration

Superyacht agent Douglas Rapier can organize electronic clearance. Contact him directly. 

Mechanical Engineering

Douglas partners with local mechanic specialists to respond to the myriad of challenges that yachts throw at him for mechanical shop requirements. They bring that care and sound common sense ‘repair it if at all possible’ attitude that is so necessary to efficiently resolve emergencies. 


Douglas works closely with hydraulic engineers and truck-based specialists for onsite repair of systems, connections, supply of oil, etc. These relationships have allowed him to save several charters even in late evening when either the steering, anchoring systems or passerelle needed emergency attention. 

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