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Having recently returned to Antigua with over 25 years of experience in China and Spain, we received some excellent feedback for Amaya Ross by those who received treatments from her last season. Highly trained in the field of acupuncture, Amaya’s expertise includes Moxibustion, Cupping Technique, Diet and Vitamin Therapy and her treatments are also complemented with these two devices:

1) Oligo Scan Mineral & Heavy Metal Device: This device uses spectrophotometry, as a non invasive and pain free method. In an instant know your intra-tissular mineral and vitamins bio-availability and heavy metal poisoning.

2) Quantum Scio Device which is a stress regulation therapy using pre-diagnostic Bio-resonance Bio-feedback. The SCIO can help you find the areas of risk that can be overlooked in conventional tests, long before these risks become conditions. Amaya is available for on board therapies. 

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Antigua and Barbuda

: +1 2687643792

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