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Shore Side Yacht Services (SSYS) - Tortola & Virgin Gorda

A highly recommended thoroughly professional yacht services agency in the British Virgin Islands

Frances David at Shoreside Services in the BVI’s, is simply one of the best, most knowledgeable agents in the Caribbean – and the world!” to quote the Captain of a high profile world cruising Superyacht.

From an office location right next to the Village Cay Marina, this dedicated Superyacht service company is run by Frances David, who has a wealth of knowledge, experience and contacts in the industry. Frances has been in Tortola for 36 years, and has a huge amount of experience in the yacht charter industry, giving her the very best insight as to the demands facing professional yacht crews... and how they can best be solved!

She really provides a 'one stop shop' for all one's needs whilst visiting the islands. Customs and Immigration clearance can be effected outside a port of entry, whilst the guests enjoy lunch out at anchor; by simply sending a tender with all the necessary documents to a pre-arranged location, from where Frances and her staff will then complete the formalities (with no need for a crewmember to be present), and get the documents back to the yacht afterwards.

Provisioning is another large part of this company's business - whether for a charter start, or a mid-charter top up. Provisions can be delivered directly to one's yacht, wherever it happens to be within the islands... and we had a number of yachts telling us how they had also laid on various 'special requests', including custom firework displays for special occasions.

Shore Side also can also look after you at North Sound, Virgin Gorda & can  handle clearances for yachts wishing to make their first stop in Gorda Sound.  It must be noted that all prior notices of arrival must be run through the Tortola office.
With the airport runway at Beef Island having been extended to 4000ft, Tortola continues to expand its appeal to the private jet market.

In summary, SSYS is a thoroughly professional organization, for which we continue to receive consistently top end feedback from a large number of Captains that include some of the most high profile yachts in the business, who are often thankful in their appreciation:
"It was great having your superb shore support Frances, which we could not have done without…! We will certainly be back so see you next time!"
"I would like to thank you and your team, as well as the band yesterday, for a fantastic day / days. Your assistance made all the difference."
And from another well known Captain who appreciates Shore Side Yacht Services whenever cruising the BVI's... "Thanks always for the special treatment you always afford us! "

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