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Old San Juan

The historical fortified enclave of Old San Juan consists of impressive forts, period architecture, historical Cathedrals and churches, museums and a labrynth of alleyways and Calletas with bustling bars and boutique restaurants. Perfect for a guest or crew excursion.  

Old San Juan represents the historical district of San Juan City, and was originally a primary residential area for most of the city’s inhabitants. It is surrounded by the heavy fortifications that the Spanish settlers constructed in the 16th and 17th centuries to protect the port from foreign interests. The city was founded in 1509 by the pioneering explorer Juan Ponce de Leon. Old San Juan maintains its architectural and cultural riches to this day and is Puerto Rico’s most prolific tourism cultural and heritage site. 

The historical enclave has walled fortifications and two impressive and well-preserved forts; namely the 16th century Fort San Felipe del Morro and the 17th century Fort San Cristobal. There are also several historical museums to visit, the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista (circa 1520, which contains the tomb of the city’s founder Juan Ponce de Leon) and a host of other architectural and cultural sites of interest. The labyrinth alleyways and streets of the Old San Juan district are also bustling with chic bars, cafés, top class restaurants, boutique hotels, art and craft shops, art galleries and local artisans. It really makes a great part of an owner’s / guest’s shoreside itinerary and is also a very therapeutic change of scenery for a crew get-away. 

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