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Old Santo Domingo – The Colonial Zone

South Coast

The Colonial Zone comes recommended for a visit of at least a day, to allow time to take in some of the highlights of the old city, such as its Alcazar and Cathedral Santa Maria la Menor. The evenings also light up with a myriad of mainstream restaurant and bar choices in the Colonial Zone, with the area’s signature alfresco terraced seating where guests, owners and crew alike can feel at ease. 

Christopher Columbus’s brother – Bartolomeo – originally founded the city of New Isabella (later renamed Santo Domingo) on the southern coast in 1496. This is the oldest city in the New World and the capital of the Dominican Republic. At the heart of its architectural and cultural history is the 12-block Colonial Zone. Here, in the New World’s first permanent settlement and outpost, the yachting visitor is literally walking in the footsteps of Cortés, Ponce de León and Columbus. 

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South Coast
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

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