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Billy Black

Based in Newport, Billy Black is one of the best marine photographers in the world, and travels far and wide to capture his images. Billy Black loves his work, and his passion for boats and the yachting lifestyle are evident in his dramatic photos. His job is to anticipate everything under his control and then be ready for that perfect moment when it all comes together. He works to tell a story about each yacht he photographs. He enjoys photographing the Superyacht regattas around the world, and his pictures appear in all the most prestigious yachting magazines. Always smiling and polite, he has been the official photographer of several long distance races, working together with the crew. He is happy to take commissions from brokers, owners and builders and for charter brochures, and is known for his dramatic interior and lifestyle photos. Billy also extremely talented in travel scenes, and as we heard many times: “Billy is an artist with a camera”. Look for him on the water in his photo boat ‘We’re Here’ or at many of the various regatta’s he attends all over the world.

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