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Casey’s Oil Company

Casey’s Oil is Newport’s largest and most trusted fuel company in Newport. They have built a reputation in their 20 years of service for providing the most convenient fueling options at the lowest prices. Casey’s offers high quality ultra-low sulfur diesel, #2 home heating oil and a variety of brands of lube oil.

Delivery will be accomplished by either truck or barge. Both methods include a high or low speed option to accommodate all needs as well as multiple nozzle options. Fuel samples and specification sheets are available upon request. The company is fully licensed and inspected by the United States Coast Guard.

We had fantastic feedback from one Captain who had arranged large fuel bunkering for their 300+’ yacht and was pleased with the quick reliable service they received from Casey’s Oil Company.

Casey’s eliminates the hassle of fueling by bringing the fuel to you by barge. The “Black Rose” is the company’s newest addition in providing convenience to customers with its large capacity and ability to pump up to 100 gallons per minute. Deliveries are only permitted within the confines of Newport Harbor. The barge is capable of fueling on moorings depending on safe weather conditions and ease of access. A minimum of 300 gallons is required for barge service.

Casey’s delivers by truck to Newport and Bristol Counties, and delivery is possible to a majority of marinas within Newport Harbor. Casey’s also supplies multiple brands of many types of lube oil. The oil is provided in 55-gallon drums or 5 gallon buckets. Lube oil is dropped off directly to the boat. Absorbent pads are also for sale by the bundle.

There is NO delivery too large for Casey’s to handle. Calling in advance will help to secure the best possible date and time for delivery. Casey’s accepts payments in the following form: Check, Wire Transfer, MasterCard or Visa.

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