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Bolie Yacht Maintenance

Bolie and his team receive great reviews by numerous prominent yachts: “excellent service – we use him in Newport as well!”


Brother comes well recommended by a number of captains for his paint / varnish and general day work skills.

Chico Itopie

Chico works in Antigua and St.

Curtis Barton (Smooth Finish)

Curtis is well recommended by some of the highest profile classic yachts around for his superb varnish works and trustworthy nature.


Derek is a popular day worker- “Great for his cleaning and polishing works.”


Dillinger's varnishing skills came well recommended by various yachts again last season


Elvis is a reliable guy to have on board for any paint / varnish / day work jobs; though varnishing is his specialty.

Frank Adamson

Frank comes well recommended for a wide range of jobs – mainly polishing, buffing, varnishing prep and general maintenance.

Howard Malone

Howard is highly recommended for his excellent varnishing skills, GRP / gel coat repairs and spraying Awlgrip paintworks.

J.T.'s Yacht Finishes

John Titus is one of the most experienced professional painters / varnishers around.