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Barbuda Rentals and Tours

Kristian Trunzer offers an online booking service for his Jeep Rental company.

Barbuda Cottages

Barbuda Cottages are built on stilts to best enjoy the fabulous location - just 49 steps from a white powdered sand beach!

E-Bike St. Kitts

Popular electric bike tours of St.

R. W. Cutler Bike Rental

This bike rental facility and their friendly staff, will outfit your crew with helmets, children’s seats, locks, roadside assistance and maps.

Galapagos Fan Dive

Owner and manager, Santiago Insuasti of Galapagos Fan Dive, came highly recommended for his personal Dive Guide services.


Claire Frank has hand-painted silks, artefacts, maps and information about Barbuda, with her ArtCafe open for home cooked local food, drinks including fresh coffee and cocktails.