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The Holy Grail of Connectivity...

Caroline Blatter

"High bandwidth with no data limits at very low cost!"

Roger Horner, CEO of e3 Systems has written & released a 'White Paper' on the satellite communications revolution we are witnessing this year, providing their inside view into the Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and conventional single Geosynchronous (GEO) satellites. 

A must read for those onboard or ashore making decisions on yacht communications - Roger shares their company's experience with the new LEO services, including much talked about Starlink!

We all know that when owners and guests are on-board, the desire to do “everything they do at home and in the office, on-board” never goes away, and as the crew's place of work & home - yachts do need to stay connected, wherever they may be. 

As a result, e3 recommend a managed service approach to keeping the vessel fully connected and fully supported. The core to this is their HYBRID communications solution using any combination of connections.

The selection of connections vary by type of technology, satellite, frequency, reliability, bandwidth speed, data limits, coverage, flexibility and cost. The key being...

"Ubiquitous connectivity with a first-class experience, at an acceptable cost
anywhere in the world..."

Due to e3's experience over these last months, and from yacht requests, they have launched a new service called “e3 as a Service” for Starlink Maritime but also OneWeb services once launched. 

Follow the link below, to gain an insightful in-depth understanding of the communications revolution. 

e3 Systems White Paper on the Satellite Communications Revolution 

Thank you Roger and e3 Systems for sharing your experiences and knowledge.
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