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Pushing the Boundaries of Sustainable Sailing

Caroline Blatter

SPIRIT 44CR (E) - a true beauty!

Newly launched and fully electric - the Spirit 44E has made her début in Suffolk.

Designed and built for a customer whose 'goal is near total energy self-sufficiency', the Spirit 44E has an Oceanvolt electric drive system, and solar panels integrated into both her LIGNIA deck and OneSails GBR (East) main sail. 

From afar, the 13.4m Spirit 44E will look like any other Spirit sailing yacht..low freeboards, long overhangs, flush decks and the timeless beauty of quality wooden craftsmanship. 

However, up close, she displays signs of the sailing yachts of the future! 
The 44CR (E) was commissioned for an eco-conscious customer who set Spirit Yachts the goal of “near total energy self-sufficiency”.

A classically styled sailing yacht designed for ease of handling and excellent performance, the Spirit 44E is fully electric and designed to operate with zero hydrocarbons onboard.

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