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This Special Edition was initiated by attending a conference on the Gold Coast. The authors were so impressed by the marine facilities and services available that a research trip was initiated. This journey took in as much of this amazing country as time allowed and UNEARTHED TREASURES, shared within this Guide. A great many captains, crew and industry professionals contributed with their PERSONAL RECOMMENDATIONS - helping not just visiting yachts but those within the Australia, with THIS TRUSTED SOURCE – an ‘Inside Guide’ to refer to. Covering North & South Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and Northern Territory.

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So, whether you need:

  • Unique incredible experiences tailored for the most discerning guests
  • To help chart The Great Barrier Reef with some of the best marine experts
  • A selection of personally recommended restaurants, cafes and bars in Australia
  • To visit World Heritage sites few get to hear about. 
  • To check out Tropical Rainforest or Aussie outback resorts, spa’s and adventure 
  • High tech refit facilities, from which to base the smallest or largest of projects 
  • Yacht designers & engineers producing Internationally recognised, innovative solutions
  • Experienced, highly trusted, personable agents to help plan logistics & offer support
  • Fuel bunkering services that can organise getting your tax back 
  • Painting and varnishing services of the highest imaginable level

……this Guide has it all!