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Contributing Captains

Captains recommended 2019 badge

We continually interview and get feedback from many of the industry's top professional Captains and crew - in order to create an ‘Inside Guide’ of their own personal recommendations.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the Captains and crew of the yachts listed below for giving us all your personally 'recommended services' for our Guides.


Contributing land-based professionals: 

Campbell Geeves

Melissa Geeves

Tim Gosman

Ayla Wharton

Taurie Minogue

Veronica Crowe

Joey Crutch 

Edward Fader

Alex Heroys

Nairn Johnston 

Scott Cotton

Olivier and Suzie

Gina Hewson

Barbara Maarse

Tim Newton

Joachim Howard

Joanne Drake

David Good

Dr. Andy Lewis

Charmaine Webb

Clare Wray and Luke McCaul

Mark Phelps

Angus Paterson

Chris Blackwell 

Mark Stothard

Brian Keller

Nairn Johnston

Clemens Overdijk

Adam Buchholtz and Mathew Snape

And thank you so much to the various photographers for your fantastic shots, in all our Guides.