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Suzi Jameson

Suzi Jameson

Mediterranean Author

Suzi Jameson was born in Ontario, Canada, where she learned to love various styles of boating on Canadian lakes - from canoes to windsurfers, lasers to waterski boats and then on to larger sailboats. Her early passion for music lead her to France, where she met her husband - an experienced sailor - with whom she has now sailed extensively throughout the West Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas.

As a jazz pianist and singer, Suzi has done private events on many Superyachts with her jazz trio, as well as cruised across seven countries performing on the Club Med II, a five-mast sailing yacht of 189 m. Suzi is really enjoying being involved in the Superyacht industry, which combines her love of the sea and travelling with her artistic appreciation of the fine beauty and high-quality work that goes into creating and maintaining every aspect of each Superyacht.

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