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Lucie Gardiner

Mediterranean Author

A keen wanderlust led writer and presenter Lucie from her native London to explore more than 40 countries. She finally packed her bags and left the UK for good in 2007, traveling around the world before settling in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Barcelona.
There she anchored the city’s most widely listened to English language radio show and her business endeavors introduced her to yachting just as the city started to establish itself as a hub for large vessels.
Working within the superyacht community ever since, her work has included a stint managing spa and wellness at OneOcean Port Vell, organizing events for crew, writing for several industry publications and more recently hosting The Yacht Life Show on SuperYacht Radio, where she interviews industry leaders, captains and senior crew for an ever growing global audience. 
In her spare time she can be found out playing on the water, searching out epic sunsets, hiking her way through the countryside with her trusted Border Terrier and savoring the world-class cuisine her adoptive country is famous for.

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