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Trinidad & Tobago

The Carnival season, for which Trinidad is so famous, is a festival of sight and sound, infusing the various cultures that have formed the nation.

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Trinidad is a really special island, where the amazing history of its multi-racial people make it a truly unique place to visit. As a result of this, there are many multi-cultural events and activities taking place throughout the year. There are Christian, Hindu and Muslim festivals... one of which - 'Divali' - the Hindu 'Festival of Lights' (in November), came rated as being: “A spectacle like no other, worldwide!”

The Carnival season, for which Trinidad is so famous, is a festival of sight and sound, infusing the various cultures that have formed the nation. The season begins just after Christmas (with the main Carnival event on February 27th and 28th, 2017) and includes dozens of live concerts, parties (fetes), as well as the national Steel Pan competition - 'Panorama' finals – on February 25th, 2017. After all the excitement of Carnival, a cruise to the crystal clear waters of Tobago represents the most idyllic getaway for some 'rest and relaxation'... or one can opt for some bird watching, diving, biking, hiking, windsurfing and turtle watching in either Tobago or Trinidad. Sporting enthusiasts are also assured a good time in Trinidad and Tobago, for there are several golf courses; along with some good contacts for squash players in Trinidad (see 'Golf', ‘Sports & Fitness’, and ‘Surfing / Watersports’ sections). Tobago’s Carnival Regatta takes place in February; and surfing is popular between November and March.

Besides the attractive events outlined above, there are many more good reasons to be making the passage down island at any time of year. Yachts can make use of some excellent volume fuel bunkering opportunities (see ‘Fuel Bunkering’ section) and also, provisioning and stocking up on dry goods and interior inventory is really excellent in Trinidad - due to its choice of large warehouse shopping centres. Trinidad also offers top quality specialist provisioning suppliers and gourmet stores.

For refit and repair works to the boat (see 'Boatyard / Haul Out' section), there are some serious Travel Lifts available here which are supported by Trinidad’s unique ‘supply chain’ access to commercial resources for materials sourcing, fabrication and repairs - as well as some well networked chandlery chains on location. The Trinidad yachting sector is serviced almost entirely within the Chaguaramas Peninsular, where there are more than 150 yachting and ancillary services available within just a two mile radius! We have listed in the following chapter, a selection of these service providers, that came recommended to us as being the best and most reliable around.

Beyond all the technical services on offer, high quality provisioning, fine dining restaurants and overflowing urban ‘Trini’ culture; the ‘Countryside’ of Trinidad also harbours its own treasure trove… of fabulous nature, flora and fauna. A visit to the Caroni National Park, or the rugged northeast coast at Toco, offers many opportunities for nature lovers to experience Trinidad’s natural wonders up close and personal. So, whether you favour a charming Turtle Watching trip over a long weekend; an outward bound hike into the Caroni swamp; a surreal visit to a unique ‘Tar’ lake; or simply a weekend of high energy wave riding and surfing at a variety of great surf breaks, this chapter details some experienced and professional tour guides who can make it all happen for you!

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