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The Captain's Inside Guide

To all yacht captains, crew – owners and guests,

Our Guides of RECOMMENDED SERVICES will help support you in your role as Captain, yacht manager or senior crew, as owner or charter guest, making decisions about regions & seasons, and for everyone to make the most of every destination visited!

Before arriving in any new port or anchorage, we are looking for recommendations, ‘services’ for a job list, maybe a customs or provisioning agent, a dependable discrete driver to pick the owner and guests up – a florist…a reliable engineering firm, a good restaurant for an owner’s dinner ashore.  So who should we use/ where should we go?

We often quiz fellow Captains & Crew, to find out who they recommend? With plenty of online search engines & social media groups, there’s no end to accessing information, we are often spoilt for choice! But now more than ever, who is reputable and good, WHO DO WE TRUST? 

Over time, Captains and crew slowly acquire their own database of reliable service contacts: these quality contacts represent part of their ability to perform roles on board. We all know where the ‘buck stops’ as Captain on a charter or owner’s cruise, when the generator goes down... or when the guest’s specially requested provisions don’t arrive in time! 

This need for a ‘database’ of reliable service contacts is something that stays with us. This was the very ‘raison d’être’ for the Superyacht Services Guides back in 2002... to collate an ‘Inside Guide’ of ‘Recommended Services’, for others to be able to access, in order to share the benefits of each other’s collective experience.

Every year, we interview and receive feedback (usually good, though negative on occasions also!) & recommendations from Captains & crew throughout the year. These comments really do get listened to and ‘actioned’ accordingly by us... for in just the same way that we have researched/ followed up new recommendations, we have also dropped services from last year, after receiving consistently poor feedback for them. 

Recommended Services…

As a ‘Captain’s Recommended Service’ they receive a free basic listing in the Guide and are offered the opportunity to advertise/ promote their service further, both in our printed Guides and online. It is important to understand the concept behind the advertising; for without it, there simply would be no book! As this is a relatively niche market, book sales alone could never support the cost of researching and publishing such a Guide. 

They are simply ‘your inside’ Guides... Over the past 18 years our regional Guides, in PRINT, DIGITAL and ONLINE, have really proved themselves as incredibly useful points of reference, most often on the Bridge or in the crew mess, full of ‘stickies’ and folds, marking certain pages and services!

Our website,, lists well over 11,000+ Captains Recommended Services worldwide – a unique SEARCHABLE global database.

Each of our Guides offers a useful Introduction, with a regional Events Calendar and map of the region, with summary introductory pages about each destination, and a country specific category index to help you find the specific service you are looking for.

You may meet some of the Superyacht Services Guide team researching or distributing Guides at Boat Shows and Regattas worldwide. Our Guides are available in marinas & shipyards, some chandleries and yacht agents, as well as for sale through our website, at Bluewater Books in Fort Lauderdale and Stanfords in London. 

The DIGITAL FLIP BOOKS of our Guides make for easy digital reading & searching, with live links to recommended services websites.

Finally, a very special ‘thank you’ to our hard working adventurous SSG team, our designer Simon Udal for his diligent commitment, superb graphic design skills and to our Admin team who do a lot of work behind the scenes - you are all very appreciated.

Keep well, stay safe and fair winds to you all. 

Respect this precious world of ours, ‘Leave only footprints in the sand’.

Caroline Blatter 

Publisher & Director Superyacht Publications