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Begüm Yachting Launches Arrow 460 GT 001 at Bosphorus Boat Show

Begüm Yachting Launches Arrow 460 GT 001 at Bosphorus Boat Show

The event provided a platform to showcase the Arrow 460 GT 001's luxurious design and advanced features, captivating both enthusiasts and industry experts. Attendees had the opportunity to witness first hand the innovative engineering and exquisite craftsmanship that define Mercedes Benz yachts.


Arrow 460 GT 001 on Display 

Following its debut at the Bosphorus Boat Show, the Arrow 460 GT 001 underwent its first sea trial this week in the Bosphorus in Istanbul. The sea trial demonstrated the yacht's exceptional performance and manoeuvrability, confirming its status as a premier luxury vessel.


Begüm Yachting Founder & CEO, Begüm Doğulu

"We are thrilled to have successfully launched the Arrow 460 GT 001 at the Bosphorus Boat Show," said the CEO of Begum Group of Companies; Begum Dogulu. "This milestone represents a culmination of our commitment to delivering exceptional yachting experiences and showcasing the best of Mercedes Benz craftsmanship."

Arrow 460 GT 001 on Display 

The Arrow 460 GT 001 is poised to redefine luxury yachting with its elegant design, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled comfort. Begüm Yachting looks forward to welcoming discerning clients to experience the ultimate in yachting luxury aboard the Arrow 460 GT 001.

 Arrow 460 GT 001 in Action

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