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The Yacht Servant - The World's Largest Yacht Carrier

Caroline Blatter

Yacht Servant arriving in Martinique, November 2022

This year Amsterdam-based DYT Superyacht Transport has taken delivery of its purpose-built, semi-submersible Yacht Servant.

At 214m (702ft), the world’s largest yacht carrier, 'Yacht Servant' has a 46m (151ft) beam and a 4.6m (15ft) draft. The float-on, float-off vessel almost doubles the capacity of her predecessors. This IMO Tier-III compliant vessel is also 32% more fuel-efficient, and her deck space of 6,380m² (almost 69,000ft²) is 30% larger than that of her sistership Yacht Express. 

Yacht owners, captains and brokers around the world have been hugely excited about their first experience with using the Yacht Servant for the transport of their yachts. Her sheer size and volume allow also for so much more capacity and The Yacht Servant is so large that it can also transport deep-draft sailing yachts.

The magnificent Yacht Servant only requires 9m of water for the unique float-on, float-off operations. The vessel’s additional capabilities – such as onboard cranes, reduced board draft and increased submerged draft make it the new revolution in superyacht logistics. Yacht Servant’s new specialised deck behind the bridge accommodates also for tenders, containers and small race boats.

DYT Superyacht Transport runs monthly trans-Atlantic crossings out of Florida, The Caribbean, the Mediterranean and also makes runs to the South Pacific, all based on the unique and assured schedule.

DYT Yacht Transport was founded in 1987. Today it is a member of the Spliethoff Group.

Douglas Yacht Services (DYS) is the Caribbean agent for DYT and Sevenstar Yacht Transport, offering sailings to and from the protected bay of Le Marin, Martinique, also St. Thomas & Antigua.

DYS adds that personal concierge touch by taking care of all your requirements prior to loading. DYS constantly receives accolades for the high quality of services offered to yacht owners, captains, and crew.

Caribbean Office

Douglas Yacht Services - Martinique.

Bâtiment 4, RDC
Port de Plaisance
Le Marin. 

Tel:  +596 596 521 428
Cell: +596 696 458 975 (Douglas)  
Cell: +596 696 250 856 (Marie-Eugénie)

DYT Head Office - Fort Lauderdale 

1535 S.E. 17th St
Suite 200
Fort Lauderdale
Florida 33316

Tel: +1 954 525 8707   


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