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Fondation Clement – Habitation Clement

A stunning art gallery which is part of Habitation Clement, a historic plantation house and run distillery in Martinique. Highly recommended and well worth a visit.

Aragorn’s Studio

Mainstay of the BVI Arts community and the buzzing sculpture workshop of visionary BVI artist, Aragorn Dick-Read.


This gift shop / art gallery offers an eclectic range of arts/crafts made within the Caribbean region or right there in the studio.


Donna Leonhardt studied art under the guidance and direction of two extremely influential teachers, whose vision and use of color led her to fulfilling her art degree and future career as, firstly an art teacher then to establishing her own interior design company.

The Jewel Cottage

For beautiful, handcrafted unique jewelry created on Saba - using exotic gems.

Arts & Crafts

“The craft sections of the local markets in Tonga are great…we all bought souvenirs from there and very reasonable prices for everything, especially after being in French Polynesia!” are just a handful of recommendations we picked up for the incredible island art and crafts including basketware, Tapa products, mat weaving, jewelry and the most amazing ‘world renowned’ woodcarving, shell jewelry, pearls and scrimshaw.

Kakona Saba & Ocean Blue Boutique

Showcasing a wonderful selection of arts and crafts from Saba and surrounding islands.

MONA – Museum of Old and New Art

Mona really put Tassie on the map.

Cool Cabana

European designer swimwear, beachwear and cool clothing for men, women and children.

Cory Silken Photography

An outstanding photographer based in Newport and the Northeast USA, providing stunning photography to clients worldwide, could not come more highly recommended!