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Shoreside Activities & Events in Italy

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Abbazia Cervara

An ancient Monastery – now part of the Italian Heritage Foundation (FAI) – well worth a visit.

Ancient Rome

Begin at the top of the Colle Oppio to get a panoramic view of the Colosseum, Rome's most recognizable landmark.


The renowned Genoa aquarium (Acquario), the largest in Europe has displays about endangered species and biodiversity, though this always sits rather uncomfortably with the reality of captive animals.


The Bigo is a panoramic lift (elevator) by the old harbour, which offers views over Genoa and its waterfront.

Bike Tour

Cycle the Ancient Appian Way - on a 2,300-year-old cobblestone Roman road past an ancient sepulchre and an imperial palace, following ancient Roman aqueducts and through Caffarella Park, a preserved strip of land in the Roman countryside.

Cannigione village

Following the south coast west from Porto Servo, Cannigione is a coastal, traditional village well worth a visit.

Castello Brown

Castello Brown sits on a hill above the village.

Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

The Cattedrale di San Lorenzo is Genoa's cathedral, located in a little square uphill from the Porto Antico.

Galata Museo del Mare

Galata 'Museum of the Sea' is a large maritime museum by the docks.

Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Spinola

As you pick your way through crowds, the old centre can appear run-down and shabby, but it's clear that many of the buildings were once - very grand indeed.