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Charitable Donations in Antigua and Barbuda

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Antigua & Barbuda Search And Rescue, ABSAR, is a non-profit organization that provides 24/7 emergency assistance in and around Antigua and Barbuda, offering medical, firefighting & search & rescue services.

Adopt a Coastline

Adopt a Coastline actively cares for Antigua’s coastlines that are impacted by trash and marine debris. The charitable organisation helps organize cleanups on some of the beaches and mangroves near the Marinas where a daily influx of trash washes ashore...

St. Johns Hospice Antigua

St. John's Hopsice in Antigua offers a Hospice service, providing  'in home' palliative care for the terminally ill, as well as a Hospice offering in patient palliative care to those who are terminally ill and require 24 hour round the clock care.

ABWREC Recycling Plant

Materials accepted and recycled by ABWREC are: plastics (PET1 & HDPE2), aluminum, steel tins, vehicular batteries, UPS batteries, PVC cuttings, galvanize cuttings, toner cartridges and scrap metal.

Cottage of Hope

Natalie runs a dormitory house for underprivileged children and depends totally on charitable aid to care for them.

Friends of the Care Project – Antigua

Friends of the Care Project is a non-profit organization, helping children and adults with severe disabilities, often abandoned by their families.

Hands Across The Sea

This non-profit charitable organization is dedicated to raising the literacy levels of Caribbean children by setting up local school libraries.


PAAWS is an animal rescue and re-homing centre, associated with the RSPCA and Caribbean Animal Welfare Group.

The National Sailing Academy

The National Sailing Academy is a registered non-profit / charity giving Antiguan school children the opportunity to learn swimming and sailing free of charge as part of the national curriculum.

Victory Center

Victory Center is a special needs schools, catering to students with physical and mental needs.