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Butchers in The French Riviera/ Antibes/ Cannes/ Nice

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Au Boeuf Couronné

Captains tell us the meat from this deluxe shop is so tender.

Boucher Pascal

Boucher Pascal is a well recommended butcher providing local meats.

Boucherie Fabre

Highly recommended.

Boucherie Foch Azur

Newly recommended this year, this butcher has fabulous quality meats and that is service is prompt and reliable.

Boucherie Gaspin Roger

Cited as having excellent quality meats, this butcher will package / vac-pac an order however the Chef prefers.

Boucherie Mario & Fils

Newly recommended this year for their lovely selection of fresh quality meat and delicatessen.

Boucherie Mario Pizzinato

Wide selection of meat and delicatessen.

Boucherie Meat’ologie

A fine selection of fresh French meats, walking distance from the Palais des Congrès and Port of Cannes.

Boucherie Saint-François

This Butcher in Nice, known as Chez François, comes recommended for their large selection of high quality meats, poultry and charcuterie