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About Estonia

Tallinn on the northern coast of Estonia is the capital & largest city of Estonia, boasting a vibrant culture, historical architecture, informative museums, gourmet restaurants & an atmospheric old town of medieval streets – all easily explored on foot.

About Poland

Gdansk is one of Poland’s most beautiful cities with a unique atmosphere that sets it apart from other cities in Poland.

About Russia

St Petersburg is Russia’s cultural centre & port city on the Baltic Sea.

About The Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is the world’s largest expanse of brackish water, almost land locked by eastern Europe and noted for being shallow with an average depth of 56m; remarkably fresh with low salinity and a general absence of tidal currents.

The Baltic & North Sea –Eastern Europe & Scandinavia

Yachts venturing to the Baltic & Scandinavian countries are rewarded with a magical experience of culture & history of a bygone era, tranquility & the serene beauty of nature, clean pure air, safe uncrowded anchorages & long light days..the list goes on!

About St. Petersburg

St Petersburg is Russia’s cultural centre & port city on the Baltic Sea.

General Information

For all visitors to Russia, a visa is required.