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Restaurants, Bars & Cafés in Barcelona

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Al Passatore 11

Located in Plaza del Palau.

Amarre 69

Popular Amarre 69, on Psg.

Bar Colombo

A popular place for a drink after work, Bar Colombo is located a short walk from Port Vell.

Can Ganassa Restaurante

Situated in Plaza Barceloneta, this restaurant offers true Catalan tapas and excellent service.

Can Ramonet

This typically Spanish restaurant, located on the Calle Maquinista, offers dining rooms serving fresh fish, paellas and tapas.


This very popular bar is renowned for its Latin American food and drinks.

Fastnet Bar

The Fastnet, on the Psg.

La Gavina

Situated on the Port Vell’s waterfront, La Gavina is renowned for being a first-class seafood restaurant.

Pato Pekin

At Port Olympic, the Pato Pekin is a top class Chinese restaurant serving a variety of dishes.

Restaurant Barceloneta

One of the most well-known fish restaurants in Barcelona, Barceloneta is located in the El Far building.